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About Dave Rudbarg

Dave Rudbarg began coaching in 2000 and has empowered thousands of people to achieve their goals.

My Story

I took a new step on the path for personal development in June 1993 when I took a seminar called the Landmark Forum.   People experience dramatic new insights into their lives, and I recommend it. The most profound thing for me was a genuine community who cared and listened to me in a new way. This made possible the exploration into a new kind of conversation to separate what happens in life from what we make it mean. The more courses that I took, the greater facility I developed in listening and being willing to explore all that our humanity gives us.

Through the process of intensive leadership training and coaching, I developed programs to coach people to unforeseen levels of authenticity and power in public speaking. One form this took was group coaching sessions which could last for hours. We called it “Freedom, Authenticity and Breakthroughs”. The FAB team, as it became known, consisting of myself and several other very insightful, powerful coaches. Participants could say whatever they needed to say to really begin to experience freedom and enhanced self-expression in all of their relationships, including their relationship to themselves. We became known for straight, powerful, incisive communication often about confronting issues that would empower people to transform areas of their lives and communication. Both coaches and participants acknowledged the massive difference these workshops had made in their lives.

Dave Rudbarg, Relationship Coach

Dave's abilities as a coach have helped me to grow. His questions and insights have shown me truths about myself as an individual, as well as how I show up in my relationships. He has helped me to understand how I communicate, how I can do so better and how my words and actions affect others. Through our discussions, I have become more aware of myself. His wisdom that he has shared with me has enabled me to understand others on a much deeper level. He will listen carefully and then ask questions to make you aware of what you actually said and work with you from there. He is talented at uncovering the root of the problem and I appreciate his honesty. There are too many people in this world who will sugar coat things and are afraid to be truthful because sometimes the truth can be difficult to hear. Dave is not afraid to tell the truth and it is one of his best qualities. His deep commitment to his client's happiness, however, shines through in all of his words and actions. He is truly a wonderful person and I have been blessed to work with him. I cannot thank him enough for all he has done for me!


Chelsea J. Charlotte, NC



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